Southern Bourbon Night at The Black Dog!

Join us on Friday, May 25th when we will be holding a special night featuring everything you ever wanted to know about quality bourbon and a  southern-inspired a la carte menu.

  • Smoked corn chowder with bacon creme fraiche
  • Baby back ribs with maple bourbon bbq sauce, silky sweet potato hash, sauteed greens
  • Bourbon chocolate pecan pie with whipped cream

And live music with The Blurry Pickers!

The Blurry Pickers are a family of friends from Southern Ontario who formed a band around their mutual love of music.  Somewhere between where Jerry Garcia meets Bill Monroe, the Blurry Pickers have developed a sound that crosses borders but rests nowhere.  Lauded for their catchy melodies and songwriting, old-timey and soulful lyrics, their dynamic will pull you in and their songs will keep you there.
Music starts at 8 pm

Book your table today! Call the Black Dog at 519-565-2326.